BlueStacks V4.205.0.1006 多國語言官方安裝版

2020-05-12 / 513.99 MB / 0 /

BlueStacks 一個神奇的可運行android應用的pc虛擬機軟件bluestacks app player在10月份時我們曾介紹過,那時候的它僅支持windows 7系統。但是有20%的android用戶同時也使用xp,所以新版就針對此問題做了改進。目前bluestacks app player的下載量已經突破50萬次,相信xp系統版本的加入會讓這一數字再創新高。

• Running Android applications on Windows.
• Ability to move applications from Android devices on the computer.
• The decision to launch applications Android OS on full screen with a maximum operating speed.
• Synchronize your Android phone to your PC via BlueStacks Cloud Connect.
• The ability to set an unlimited number of applications.
• Ability to play 3D games (with the cache).
• Synchronizing with your Android device will allow you to make calls, send SMS, shoot photos and much more.
• Has a variety of settings and system settings Android (Although they are slightly abbreviated).
• Know how to install applications from your computer one by clicking on them.
• The opportunity to obtain Root (full access to the file system and others).
• It is possible to install Google Play, easier speaking market.
• BlueStacks great friends with the ADB is a very big plus, if you really want to, you can change the firmware.
• The opportunity to come to the FastBoot, and Recovery.
• BlueStacks has a virtual drive, such as a SD card, Data, and a few others. Which again gives the opportunity to do a lot of “body” movements with him and enjoy all of its charms.