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GoodSync Enterprise 多國語言免裝


  • 軟體版本: V10.11.6.9
  • 語言介面: 多國語言
  • 系統支援: ALL Windows
  • 推薦等級:
  • 軟體授權 : 免費版
  • 參考網站: 官方網站
  • 下載次數:
  • 更新時間: 2020-04-24

文件同步工具goodsync 可以實現兩台電腦或者電腦與u盤之間的數據和文件的同步轉換。通過此工具,可以備份u盤中pass2go 中的數據或者其他文件到個人電腦的硬盤上。GoodSync Enterprise 兩個或多個包含文件的文件夾,即GoodSync通過從文件夾中復制新文件或更新文件來確保文件夾和其中的所有文件相同通過傳播刪除內容出現在它們陳舊或不存在的文件夾中。

• True Bi-Directional Synchronization:
• GoodSync can automatically detect and synchronize creation, deletion, and all other changes, made by the user in folders, subfolders, and files.
• One-Way Synchronization Provides an Easy Backup Solution:
• Easy to setup One-Way Synchronization provides an easy and reliable backup solution.
• Deletions Are Propagated:
• GoodSync can propagate your file deletions, even through a chain of Syncs.
Chained Synchronization for Multiple Devices:
• Changes performed by GoodSync can be transferred to other computers/devices.
• Example: You can synchronize files between computers A and B which are not connected to each other, by synchronizing
• Computer A to a USB disk, and then syncing USB disk to computer B.
Lightning Fast Speed, Low Memory Requirement:
• GoodSync is much faster than other synchronization programs and it takes less memory. It can analyze a job with 1M files and folders on each side in less than 10 minutes on only 500 Mb of memory.
• Syncs not just Windows folders but also FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, S3:
• GoodSync can sync any two folder located on Windows Local Disk, Windows Network Server (SMB), FTP server, WebDAV server, Secure FTP (SSH) server, Amazon S3 server.
• Syncs with your Windows Mobile Phone and Pocket PC:
• GoodSync can sync files on Windows Mobile Phone or Pocket PC device (Windows CE) to desktop.
• Selective File Synchronization – exclude and Include Filters:
• Files can be excluded from synchronization based on name pattern, size, modification time.
• 64-bit version, not just 32-bit:
• GoodSync for Windows comes both in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
• Portable Paths for Removable Drives:
• You can specify folder path that starts with volume name, so that your volume is found no matter what disk letter it uses.
• Sync Algorithm:
• No File System Monitoring Is Required:
• Changes in files are automatically detected by comparing current file status to the stored file status, so no OS-based file monitoring is required.
• Embedded Jobs Handled:
• One folder and its subfolders can participate in more than one sync job, some of these jobs syncing folders above or below this folder. For instance, you can sync folder C:workproject to USB key, sync folder C:work to portable hard drive and file state changes registered in one job will be accounted for by the other job.
• Case Sensitivity:
• For GoodSync file and folder names are case-sensitive, that is, Folder/File.txt is not the same as folder/file.txt. So you can easily sync with Internet servers that are case-sensitive. And GoodSync makes sure your file names are the same on both sides of the job, including the case of letters.
• Time Shifts Are Detected And Fixed:
• When modification time of number of files is different by the same whole number of hours, GoodSync can correct file modification time without copying the file.
• FTP File Modification Time Sync:
• GoodSync uses MDTM FTP command (where available) to get/set precise file modification time.
• File Mod Time Translation For Non-Preserving File Systems:
• For file systems that do not preserve file modification time when copying, GoodSync implements a novel time translation technique that make mod time appear to be preserved by copy action.
• Sync Just File Modification Times for Time Shifts:
• If you think that files are the same and they have different modification time, GoodSync can copy just modification time, without copying the file bodies.
• File Manipulation:
• Encrypt Backups using EFS:
• You can use Windows Encrypting File System (EFS) to encrypt your backups. In GoodSync you can specify encrypted/decrypted status of sync folder.
• Compression in NTFS:
• GoodSync can compress one or both sync folders using NTFS compression.
• Copy Locked Files:
• GoodSync can copy locked files using Volume Shadow Copy Service.
• Copy Symbolic Links or Drill Down:
• Symbolic links can be copied as links (copy as is) or as files to which they are pointing.
• Copy ACL Security Attributes:
• Has an option to copy Access Control List (ACL) security attributes of NTFS.
• Speed Limit for File Copy:
• GoodSync can limit bandwidth consumed by a sync job by limiting its file copy speed.
• Unix Diff Integrated:
• Can call Unix Diff utility to compare text file line by line.
• Online Backups Via Encrypted Channel:
• If you backup to Secure FTP or WebDAV + SSL online file systems then all files transferred are encrypted en route.
• User Interface:
• Visual Comparison of Folder Trees Made Easy:
• File and folders from both sides are displayed in one combined tree making visual comparison easy.
• Slice It and Dice It With Tree Views:
• File to be synced are sorted into different groups (All, Left to Right, Right to Left, New Files, Deleted Files,
• Excluded, etc) and Tree Views allow to see all these different groups in File Tree.
• Job List Pane as Main Control Panel:
• Job List pane shows status of all jobs.
• Total Bytes and Counts At All Levels:
• At every level of your folder tree you will see how many files and how many bytes will be copied.
• Mini Window for Specialized Applications:
• GoodSync can be pre-programmed by system administrator to perform a specific sync jobs and show only minimal Mini-Window GUI.
• Automation:
• Start On Timer or Windows Scheduler
• Start When Files Change
• Start On When Folder Is Connected
• Start When GoodSync Starts or Windows Logs Off
• Auto Mount of Network Shares
• Logs of Actions and Changes Report
• E-Mail Log of Automatic Sync
• Reliability and Robustness:
• Automatic Reconnect for Remote Folders
• Portable Paths for Removable Drives
• Auto Backup of Replaced Files
• Free Space Required Predicted
• Fast Pre-Analyze Option
• Localization:
• User Interface Localization
• Non-latin characters in file and folder names transfer well to servers

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