Bandicam 多國語言安裝版

2020-12-27 / 22.0 MB / /

Bandicam 螢幕錄影專家 可將 電腦螢幕上的任何影像畫面,以 "矩形區域"及 DirectX/OpenGL方式進行錄製. Bandicam 與其他錄制軟件相比之下, 能保持與原版相似的 高清晰度, 以較高的壓縮率 小容量 錄製視頻,具有更優秀的性能

• Bandicam can record DirectX/OpenGL programs
• Bandicam compresses the video when recording
• You can upload the recorded file to YouTube without converting (720p/1080p full HD video can be made)
• You can record video at resolutions of up to 2560×1600 in high quality
• You will experience less lag while recording

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