ReviverSoft Driver Reviver 多國語言免安裝

2020-10-15 / 20.0 MB / /

ReviverSoft Driver Reviver 是 Windows上最全面,最完整的驅動程式更新軟體。應用程式將快速掃描世界上最大的Driver數據庫之一,並將識別所有消費類硬體裝置,使您可以直接將最新的驅動程式下載到電腦。 使用Driver Reviver,您所有的裝置都可以使用,並且您將體驗到更快,經過優化的電腦。

Driver Reviver 擁有最新的驅動程式對於優化電腦性能至關重要。 Driver Reviver使用行業領先的技術以及最大的驅動程式數據庫,可以快速識別舊版過時的驅動程式,並通過單擊幾下鼠標輕鬆地更新它們! Driver Reviver是一種方便可靠的應用程式,旨在消除下載有故障的驅動程式甚至惡意軟體的風險。

• Stop wasting hours of your valuable time trying to tweak your Computer with drivers you find at random sites on the Internet, which could be the wrong drivers or worse yet may be infected with spyware and viruses
• Fix driver bugs and keep your peripherals running at maximum performance with full features and functionality
• Driver Reviver automatically downloads the latest driver and software updates straight from the manufacturers website
• Never worry again about installing an incorrect or out-of-date driver
• Update all of your Computers drivers in minutes, with a few simple mouse clicks

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